Philosophy Statement

I currently am a teacher working with special needs students in an elementary school. One of the most important and fun parts of my day is teaching reading to my students that are struggling with their words, comprehension, or both. As a future librarian, this will continue to be a major goal of mine, to promote and celebrate reading with my students in the school. Working with the population of students that I currently work with, I know it can be a challenge to find material that is at their reading or interest level. As a future librarian it is one of my goals to build a collection that is diverse and meets the needs of the community of the school and to ensure that intellectual freedom of the collection is maintained with integrity to ensure all students have materials to suit their needs and interests.

However, the role of the librarian has changed, and I will push myself to become familiar with and get training on all the newest and latest developments of technology to serve the students of the school, whether it be software for the students to use or strategies for colleagues to implement in the classroom. This role of the librarian, to make the learning student centered and looking for opportunities to assist and collaborate with colleagues, is essential to the modern day librarian.

In addition to becoming an expert on the latest technology, I also will be an expert on issues of copyright and information ethics. I want an open and inviting space where not only students but teachers can come to me with questions on any topic, including issues of copyright and ethics surrounding digital citizenship. The best way to do so is to model professionalism and strong, ethical behavior so be a role-model and a leader of the school.